Tried And True Security Services In New York City

When the alarm goes off in your building, be confident that New York Alarm Response has been notified and is on their way. No one wants to think about a burglary or breaking and entering on their property, although it happens more often then you may think. When you hire Security Services New York becomes a safer place to live and work.

If you are wondering about what services we can offer – the answers are simple. We can give you the overall security and alarm response you need so you can sleep easier at night. We have teams located all over the city who can respond to your alarm in under 45 minutes – usually faster depending on the weather and traffic conditions. We will also supply a verified punch report so you know we have been there and checked the area out. If you want even more security – a key service will give our guards an opportunity to go into the building and make sure everything is secure.

Not only do we offer excellent customer service, our rates are reasonable. For your monthly fee you will receive 12 alarm responses per location for the year. If there is a problem with false alarms or chronic alarms, we can work with the alarm provider to provide the best security services New York. This city is filled with people and action. Make sure your building and property is secure by checking out New York Alarm Response and you will not be sorry.

Wondering if you can be guaranteed the Response Agents you have hired will be keeping a close eye on your property? Our security response team checks in at several points throughout your property and scans their ID badge to create a report which is then sent to you. On a weekly basis you will be able to monitor where and when the guards have checked the property to give you peace of mind whenever you are not on the premises. One of the most important investments a business can make is to hire security services. New York can be a dangerous city – but it is also exciting and filled with adventure. Don’t let the worry of someone breaking into your building keep you from experiencing the fun the city has to offer.

Unlike some other services, many of our Response Agents are armed. Although, this is long process, and some guards are working on getting the necessary permits from the NYPD. No matter what, when we send out a response team, they are prepared for any situation and will call in the police if needed. One of the best features of our security services New York is a reduction in false alarm penalties. You will not need to worry about the police being called unnecessarily – we can check out the situation quickly and notify the appropriate personnel in an expedited manner.

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us to keep you safe. No matter where you live, or what type of building you are looking to protect, we can help. NY Alarm Response will be there when you need us to keep you, and your property, safe and secure.





Why NY Response?

NY ALARM Response has over 40 years of experience in responding to alarms in the NY City Metro area, that expertise becomes your advantage when your alarm goes off.

When your alarm goes off we are there to investigate and make sure your property is safe from crime.

Chances are your business is your largest asset and your life’s work, for about two (2) dollars a day we are there to assess and protect your property and valuables.