Finding The Best Security And Monitoring Company

Anyone who owns and maintains commercial property will need to have a professional firm to assist them with the duties of monitoring and protecting the property. When looking for a great firm to work with the property owner should consider a few important benefits.

Experts with armed guard NYC recommend that all property owners find out how long the business has been in operation. While a brand new firm might be able to do the job they do not have a background that can be verified. Something else to investigate is whether the guards that are working on location are actually armed. While the last thing anyone wants is a physical altercation knowing the guards are armed to defend themselves and property is some good news.

Something else the professionals with armed guard NYC suggest a consumer look at is where the dispatch center is located and how professional the operators are working in that center. There are some firms that have their monitoring centers out of the city or even worse out of state or overseas. This could be a potential nightmare if these centers are knocked offline and not able to communicate with the guards on the road.

The team with armed guard NYC advises all consumers to look at the background of not only the executive of the company but the guards working for them. Are these guards former members of the police force and military? By having people take their duty very seriously a consumer can rest assured their property is in good hands at all times.

During the conversation with the prospective firms find out how they track their patrols to ensure someone was actually at the property. Most professional firms have special GPS tracking programs that monitor where their vehicles are at any moment in time. They are also able to track exactly when a guard was on the scene and when they left. The special key card system monitors whenever a guard does their round. This ensures the property owner gets the best value for their money.

While on the topic of money it would be prudent to ask for detailed quotes. These quotes should be itemized so there is a break down on all the costs associated with the service. Try to find out if the firm has any redundancies in place should their center go offline due to a power outage. If the firm doesn’t have any contingency plans they may not be a good option to work with.

Another important consideration in the overall conversation is to find out if the company is licensed with the city and state government. It would also be wise to find out if the firm is insured and bonded. These companies are entrusted with billions of dollars in assets and a property owner cannot trust their business to a firm that does not have the documented record of success in this area.

When making a final determination price alone should not be the only consideration look at the testimonials that the firm provides. By speaking with former and current clients a person can gain some valuable insight on how effective the company is when performing their duties.





Why NY Response?

NY ALARM Response has over 40 years of experience in responding to alarms in the NY City Metro area, that expertise becomes your advantage when your alarm goes off.

When your alarm goes off we are there to investigate and make sure your property is safe from crime.

Chances are your business is your largest asset and your life’s work, for about two (2) dollars a day we are there to assess and protect your property and valuables.