Burglar Alarm Response

The best burglar alarm response can be produced in the home for a feeling of security and safety, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. The alarm response includes key services, state of the art alarm signal response, and agents who are armed and trained for emergency security response when needed. In times when budget cuts on the local and state level are being proposed, causing police to be forced not to respond to all requests without ‘verification,’ of an actual need, there is no choice by those who really want to be secure, to turn to private security services such as the New York style of burglar alarm response and alarm security. It is true that now, if an alarm goes off in a home, the local law enforcement will not respond, in all cases, leaving those in need of security, very vulnerable.

The main mission of the professional, private burglar alarm response team is to provide dependable and available, highly trained agents that will respond in a time of need. When there is an emergency, danger from home invasion or thieves attempting to remove valuables and do damage to property, this private security team will deploy proven tactics in an efficient, effective and discreet manner. All members of the security team are trained in a uniform fashion to ensure that the home or business is fully secure and loved ones and valuable are protected from theft and harm. The security response team will follow verification patrol punch reports in their normal operations. In this way the check points will be made with electronic scanning time stamp verification throughout each daily security shift.

To earn the high honor of protecting properties of clients an alarm response team has a great deal of concern for all properties under its watch. For this reason, key services are offered to make sure the record stays free of criminal events with the highly effective burglar alarm response deployment methods. Global positioning Satellite systems are also deployed in each response team member vehicle in use. All mobile tracking details are accounted for with this device as well as the key services and verified patrol punch reports. GPS also leaves an electronic auditing trail so that the details of time stamped presence of a Response Agent will be available at all times. These transmitters will track all movements of each security detail team member so that if back up is needed, the first responders can be found and given assistance in a perpetration event. False alarms are curtailed with the use of rapid response times in the alarm system, no matter if the cause is fire or motion detection tripping of alarm system devices. No matter how an alarm is initiated, a response crew that is closest to the vicinity of the alarm will verify the nature of the alarm so that the area in question is secured in the minimal amount of time.

Personal and professional protection of home, business, loved ones and valuables is greatly enhanced with this methodical verification process. Highly qualified professionals that care about the job at hand will be in charge of securing properties. This can only increase the quality of life for property owners that sign on for the service in times when depending on anyone else for such services can be a much higher risk.





Why NY Response?

NY ALARM Response has over 40 years of experience in responding to alarms in the NY City Metro area, that expertise becomes your advantage when your alarm goes off.

When your alarm goes off we are there to investigate and make sure your property is safe from crime.

Chances are your business is your largest asset and your life’s work, for about two (2) dollars a day we are there to assess and protect your property and valuables.